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We are an award-winning Kansas City law firm focusing on federal criminal defense and DUI/DWI defense.


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Criminal Defense

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The Angles Law Firm LLC is committed to providing our clients clear and thorough communication. Your accessibility includes direct conversations with your attorney and any phone calls will be returned in a timely fashion. All information concerning your case will be transparent and approachable. You can trust our firm to walk you through the legal process.
Most of the hard work for your defense occurs before the trial. The Angles Law Firm LLC prides itself on careful, thoughtful preparation to ensure you the best legal outcome. We limit our caseload to ensure each client has maximum attention to their needs in either state or federal court for Kansas and Missouri. Our legal defense experts will help you rest easy knowing your case is diligently prepared for.
Christopher J. Angles is ranked as one of the top lawyers in Kansas City. This achievement is a direct result of proven success. The Angles Law Firm LLC is peer reviewed as one of the go-to firms for jury trial. With your freedom on the line, confide in an experienced professional. With an extensive track record acquitting numerous individuals in both federal and state trials, you can trust our expertise to deliver proven results.
Legal challenges can lead to stress and worry for any person charged with a serious crime. Clients of The Angles Law Firm LLC can expect dignity and respect throughout their representation. We honor your time and livelihood and will ensure you are treated as a citizen with protected rights. Your peace of mind is crucial to happiness and we will do our best to protect your character throughout the legal process.